How long does it take for packages to arrive?

As we deal with several clothing providers, order generally take between 14 to 28 days to arrive at the delivery address

Where is the sizing Chart?

The sizing charts are located on the product page of each item. Please click the "What's my size Icon" to open up the size chart. for some custom items the size chart is also in the items picture

Does my order go through customs 

Yes, suppliers with warehouse items over sees will go through US customs and will add up to 1 week to the delivery time 

Why is my order taking longer to process than normal?

It typically takes 1-5 days to process your order. If your package exceeds the standard processing period, it's normally due to the fact that a particular item(s) requires a longer processing time.

Why does my order show fulfilled?

Fulfilled orders mean the orders has been packaged and is in transit to the delivery location 

How Can I track my Order?

All Orders can be tracked through the below link with global tracking




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